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The Golden Visa in Portugal

The Golden Visa was established by the Portuguese government in October 2012 to attract foreign investment to the country. Flexibility, simplicity, clear legislative requirements make the Golden Visa in Portugal one of the most attractive residence programs around the world.

The Golden Visa residence permit in Portugal is issued for a period of 1 year and then renewed for subsequent periods of 2 years each. After 5 years of the Golden Visa, permanent residence permit will be issued. After 6 years is possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

According to the Golden Visa in Portugal the minimum requirements for staying in the country are set. Minimum stay is 7 days during the 1st year and 14 days during renewals for subsequent periods of 2 years.

To obtain citizenship of Portugal it will be necessary to pass exam for knowledge of the Portuguese language.

The Golden Visa in Portugal gives the right to work.

Costs to obtain the Golden Visa in Portugal

Biometric analysis 517,40/investor; 80,60/family member
Issue of the Golden Visa Card 5173,70 /1 person
Renewal of the Golden Visa 2586,80/1 person
Legal support
Investor 0 – 5 year process 6000
Members of family 0 – 5 year process 1500/1 person
Temporary residence 500/1 person
Citizenship of Portugal 1500/1 person
Health insurance 200,00 – 1 person/year
Individual Tax Number and guarantor (if necessary) 200,00 – 1 person/year

Additional costs are: apostille, notarization, money transfers, as well as expenses for obtaining certificates on the absence of previous convictions.

We work with the best legal companies with more than 30 years of experience, and we guarantee 100% positive result of obtaining the Golden Visa in Portugal.



  • Right to live and work in Europe
  • Ability to travel freely to all EU countries without visa
  • Possibility to receive additional income from rent
  • Permanent residence permit after 5 years
  • Portuguese citizenship after 6 years
  • Minimal requirements for staying in the country - 7 days per year
  • Possibility to purchase one or several properties
  • European standard of living
  • Opportunity to study in European universities
  • European level of health care
  • High level of security
  • Good climate


EUR500 000 property acquisition


Commercial or residential property, one or several properties

EUR1000 000 investment in economy of Portugal


Purchase of shares, stocks, securities, money on deposit

EUR350 000 property acquisition


Only for properties construction of which are considered as urban rehabilitation

EUR500 000 share participation


Participation in investment funds or companies with purpose of  capitalization small and middle enterprises

EUR250 000


Investments in artistic production for reconstruction, renewal and maintenance national heritage

EUR350 000


Investments in scientific and research activity of state or private organizations

Creation of 10 working places


Without requirements to amount of investments, any business activity is allowed, possibility to get state grants

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