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Lately worldwide became popular to retire in different countries. Wealthy pensioners are choosing places where they can have better, calmer and more comfortable life. They prefer to move to countries with good climate, high quality of life and good medicine.

According to the Annual Retire Overseas Index, Portugal is on the list of 10 best countries to retire. And it is holding such position already for several years.

The process of getting Temporary Residence for pensioners in Portugal is clear. All you need is to prepare package of documents, show approval that you have place to live (own or rental) and provide documentary confirmation of your financial status, which can aloud you to stay in Portugal.

Numbers of pensioners, who are choosing to retire in Portugal, preferably from the USA, Canada, England, France and China, is growing each year. Therefore with aim to create more comfortable and advantageous conditions for those, who have selected Portugal, government of Portugal has developed a special program.

Thus a special regime was established in Portugal in 2009, which exempts pension from taxes for period of 10 years. After this regime was introduced, Portugal has become even more popular among pensioners in all over the world.

Advantages to retire in Portugal:

  • High quality of medical care
  • Freedom to travel across all EU countries
  • Security
  • Life in a stable country
  • Moderate climate
  • High quality of life for less money
  • Tranquility and comfort

The cost of legal support of the process of obtaining residence permit for pensioners in Portugal is 2000 euros.
We work with the best law firms with more than 30 years of experience and guarantee 100% positive result of obtaining residence permit for pensioners in Portugal.
Worry that you won’t be able to handle with all everyday needs and organizational issues in other country?
Afraid of difficulties and don’t know from where to start?

Our team will help you with all process and will provide all necessary legal advices. Taking into account all your preferences, we will find house or apartment for you and will help with all your household activities. We also can help you to buy a car and to arrange your relocation.

Retire with dignity and enjoy high quality of life in European country. We will be always near in case you will need our help.

There are no tasks without solutions. You can always contact us and we will be glad to arrange everything for you.


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