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Process of buying

(from 1 to 3 months)



According to your preferences, I will search, select and send you the most suitable real estate offers


After your approval of the list of real estate, we will discuss dates of your arrival and I will arrange a schedule of reviews


We will see all properties which you have chosen

Preparation for the purchase


After you choose the property, we will go to receive Portuguese personal fiscal number and will open an account in local bank.


Then both parties will sign preliminary buying and selling contract. On this stage the main conditions of purchase are specified and the buyer will make a down payment.


The preliminary contract is an obligation to conclude final contract. Usually it takes 1 month to sign a final contract after signing the preliminary contract, but in any case not longer than 3 months.



Prior 1 day before signing the final contract, buyer pays transfer tax and stamp duty.


Prior 1 day before the deal you need to draw a cheque for remaining amount in a bank


Execution of the final contract takes place at the notary office and only if all necessary documents are presented.
During the deal the buyer gives bank cheque to the seller and the seller passes all documents and keys to the buyer.


Now you are happy owner of real estate in Portugal!

Then we will help you with execution of new contracts for electricity, water, gas, telephone, television and Internet.

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