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Under the Golden Visa program in Portugal was attracted 2.4 billion euro during 4 years

Date: 11.10.16

According to SEF, total amount of 2.4 bln euro investments were attracted since the start of the program Golden visa.  Most investors are from China.

The Golden Visa is a program of Portuguese government  to attract investments in exchange for residence permit in Portugal.

During all period from 2012 –  3888 Golden visas were issued. In 2012 only 2 Golden visas were provided, in 2013 – 494, in 2014 – 1526, in 2015 – 766, and in 2016  – 1100 Golden visas were already issued.

Most of the Golden visas to Portugal was issued on the basis of investments in real estate, 213 Golden visas were issued on the basis of investments in the amount of more than 1 mln euro and 6 on the basis of creating at least 10 jobs.

Source: http://theportugalnews.com

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