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The cost of execution of the Golden Visa to Portugal

Date: 05.12.16

Golden Visa to Portugal is a program for obtaining residence permits on the basis of investment in the country. Minimum requirements of staying in the country (7 days per year) and clear procedure of obtaining are making it one of the most popular in Europe.

The Government of Portugal offers several types of investment opportunities, which give the right to receive the Golden Visa. Each investor can choose the most suitable option for him starting from investments in securities in amount of 1 million euro and finishing with creation of enterprises with at least 10 job positions, without any limitation of areas of activity and minimum amount of investment. Investments should be made for a period of 5 years.

The cost of execution of the Golden Visa:

  • collecting biometrics: 517.40 euro for the investor and 80.60 euro for each member of his family
  • issuing of the Golden Visa 5173.70 euro per person
  • Golden visa renewal (1 and 3 years) – 2586.80 euro per person

The entire process from  investment until Golden Visa to Portugal is issued will take about 8 months.

After 6 years, the investor and his family could obtain citizenship of Portugal.

Successful execution of Golden visa in Portugal depends directly on the lawyers who are carrying out the whole process. While choosing a law firm, is essential to pay attention how many years this firm already exists on the market, what is its profile, how contract is made, what services are included and how quickly the law firm responds on your requests.

Reliable and high – quality services of legal professionals with an impeccable reputation is the key to a successful result.

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