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The best residency and citizenship program in the world is in Portugal

Date: 19.11.16

According to data released by Henley & Partners in 2016, Portugal has retained the first place in the ranking to provide a residence permit for investment.
19 investment world programs world were evaluated. To determine the program position in the ranking 10 indicators were used: reputation, quality of life, taxation, visa-free entry to other countries, time and quality of application process, eligibility requirements, minimum investment requirements, total costs, time to obtain citizenship and requirements for obtaining a citizenship.
The state program to residency and citizenship in Portugal was launched in 2012 by the Government of Portugal and was named Golden Visa.
Each year the number of issued Golden visas are increasing. According to official statistics of the Organization for cooperation with foreigners and immigrants (SEF), during period from October 2012 to the 31th of October 2016 3983 Golden visas were issued. 94% of which are based on real estate investments. The total amount of investments for period amounted to 2.4 bln. euro. The first place to obtain Golden visas to Portugal took Chinese, the second – citizens of Brazil and the third – Russians.

Top 10 the best investment programs of the world to obtain a residence permit:
1. Portugal
2. Belgium
3. Austria
4. Malta
5. United Kingdom
6. Australia
7. USA
8. Canada (Quebec)
9. Switzerland
10. Spain

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