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Property management and maintenance

Date: 05.01.20

Property management can be divided into 2 types: property management to generate income from lease and maintenance of real estate in order to keep it in an appropriate condition during absence of owners.

If you decide to invest in real estate, one of the most important components of investment efficiency will be real estate management.

Competent and professional management – is the key to minimize risks with arrangement of the whole process, starting with correct paperwork and bringing the property into compliance with requirements and standards of the country’s legislation and ending with routine matters such as the organization of cleaning and minor repairs, if necessary.

Each country has its own rules and laws, certain procedures and requirements. Not performing at least one of them can cause paying impressive fine.

If you have much free time, you can explore all the details by yourself and try to organize management of your own real estate. In case when you can’t spend all your time to arrange this process, the best and the most effective is to conclude a contract with a specialized company.

If you own a property abroad, but do not plan to rent it out, you also can face difficulties with support and maintenance of real estate during your absence.

What are advantages of working with property management company?

  • Living in another country, you can be sure that your property is in proper condition and well-maintained, timely leased and brings you a regular income. In support you receive regular financial reports.
  • The company controls and arranges the entire process of renting: searches for clients, conducts cleaning, provides laundry service, organizes check –ins and check-outs of customers, monitors proper condition of property, eliminates problems that may arise during the operation of real estate, performing minor repairs, if necessary. According to additional agreements range of services can be expanded according to customer wishes.
  • To maintain the property in good condition during time of your absence, the company ensures provision of all necessary services: ventilation, minor repairs, troubleshooting, regular checks of property status, pool cleaning, garden maintenance, checking mail, preparation of the apartment for your arrival, etc., everything that will be necessary to ensure your comfort.
  • Property management company will protect you from solving routine problems and will provide receiving of the highest possible income.



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