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Property prices in Portugal increased by 5.9% over the 3rd quarter of 2016

Date: 06.10.16

The growth in prices was observed in all regions, including  Central region and Alentejo.

In Alentejo region prices have risen by 3.4% compared to the first quarter of 2016, in Central region by 2.1%. In Lisbon region and  North property prices have risen by 9.4% and 4.7% respectively. In Algarve and Madeira 3.7% and 0.1%.

The average cost per one square meter in the Lisbon region of EUR1587/ sq. m in the Algarve EUR1412/ sq. m, Madeira EUR1 103/sq. m. The least expensive regions are Alentejo, North and Center – EUR1064/ sq. m, EUR950/ sq. m and  EUR928/sq. m, respectively.

The most expensive are Lisbon (EUR1862/sq m), Faro (EUR1412/sq. m) and Madeira (EUR1 103/sq. m). The lowest prices are in Bragança EUR667/sq. m, Guarda EUR666/sq. m and Castelo Branco EUR667/sq. m.

Source: http://www.diarioimobiliario.pt

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