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Golden residence in Portugal: changes in immigration law

Date: 17.01.18

Golden Visa is a program for obtaining residence permits in Portugal in exchange for investments. The most popular investment is in real estate.

On January 1, 2018, the changes in the legislation governing the issuance of Golden Visas in Portugal were made.

In connection with these changes, new procedures were introduced:

  • the process will become more simplified, given the fact that all mandatory documentation will be handled before the visit to collect the biometric data;
  • the payment of all immigration fees will also be done when all documents are delivered, previous to the appointment at immigration services;
  • the appointment to visit immigration offices, will be done by the legal representatives of the investor, being possible to happen in any city of Portugal.

In summary, the legal representatives of the investor will be able to upload all mandatory documents, in the special online platform already available, previous to the first visit to immigration services.

This measures are to ensure that the processes will be analyzed faster and in consequence the Golden visas will be issued on a shorter period of time.

If you decide to apply for Golden Visa in Portugal, entrust this process to lawyers with solid experience, this will guarantee that competent consultations will be provided and the entire process of obtaining a Golden Visa will be arranged properly.

We advise you to apply to lawyers before buying a property.



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